Spot the Burgundy!

Today I look at how to spot a value for money Burgundy Wine, or differentiate between them? Sometimes its confusing to have to deal with all this french stuff. Here you can see an example of how to find a wine. All good wines in France are labelled with the region or village. This can be confusing! As a start on the back or front it should be labelled 'white burgundy wine' (or red for that matter)!









I suggest to look out for the more value for money regional wines such as Bourgogne, Macon, Chablis... Here you will find wines £7-8 per bottle and excellent quality and value. You find specific villages are much more expensive, so stay regional, see below.

Here is a little map of the regions showing the main areas of production, and so you can identify what is what.

I hope that helps a little! Remember white is always made from Chardonnay and red is always Pinot Noir (unless its a Beaujolais in which case red its a Gamay)