The Saint-Vincent festival 900 years of history in the villages of Vougeot & Gilly-les-Cîteaux Jan 24-25, 2015

St Vincent is the patron saint of winegrowers and each year a Festival is organised by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (the brotherhood of Burgundy winegrowers) on the first Saturday after 22nd January – the feast day of St Vincent. It celebrates 900 years of history of monks growing wine.
The ceremony takes place in different winegrowing villages each year and in one or other of Burgundy’s winegrowing districts. The Saturday begins early in the morning with a procession of members of the Confrérie and local winegrowers to attend a mass attended by the Grand Council of the Order. Following the mass the assembled group attend the Extraordinary Chapter of the brotherhood to honour the President for the St Vincent village of that year.
St Vincent celebrations attract tens of thousands of people over the weekend – you buy a specially designed commemorative glass for about 10 Euros and then tour the village where local winegrowers have opened their cellars for wine tasting, and join in the fun.
In addition special dinners are organised along with street entertainment and street food to help soak up the wine. The Saint-Vincent festival will take place in the villages of Vougeot & Gilly-les-Cîteaux Jan 24-25, 2015. story courtesy of Lynne Hammond