Whats Makes A Great Burgundy White Wine, or Red for that matter....

Dear Readers trying to put my finger on why both you and I just love Burgundy....so here we go-Wills View on the Great Pinot Noir!

Its such a tricky beast, it must be grown in cooler climes otherwise it doesn't develop the best flavours. It becomes way too sweet, overpowering any innate complexity. It's also very important to firmly limit the yields otherwise it's also not going to give of its best. The Burgundians use debudding and pruning to reduce yeilds, and then also do careful selection of the best of what's produced (triage).

When It's good  it is able to be 'transparent' and can reflect the different makeup of the underlying soils better than any other grape we know. But also it can be easily confounded by the wet weather or hail storms that arrive frequently. Wet weather weakens the skins and encourages rots near to harvest, and hail destroys the buds....so its tricky.

When its right it's genteel, not over powerful and is delicate and expressive rather than brassy and strong. It's not generally as long lived as say a bordeaux, except for those amazing bits of ground that produce the great Premier and Grand Crus. These are the only places that (in a  good year) produce Pinot that have a really long keeping potential.

When its young its fully stacked with various berry fruits, and when its older its more the leathery, undergrowth and mushroom type of flavours that creep in. Its a conundrum for growers worldwide, and an anomaly, thank goodness!

Erwan Faiveley is asked what factors make a Chardonnay great?

Terroir, weather conditions and of course winemaking skills. Chardonnay – just like Merlot and Cabernet – seems to be produced in so many regions, only a few places really outperform. You need clay and moderate temperature for really excellent interpretations.

We are very lucky at Domaine Faiveley to have some wonderful sites that really give the wine so much personality such as Clos Rochette, our distinctive monopole in Mercurey, and of course we are very lucky to have an amazing piece of Corton-Charlemagne, very well situated with old vines.

I think that the people we have here at the winery, especially my cellar master, are very gifted. Corton-Charlemagne is one of the greatest white wines in Burgundy, maybe in the world.

source 'the drinks businesss'

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